• MSc2 student projects Reflectego & RoboZoo featured at METABODY annual meeting in Madrid

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      • By: J. Chang
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      • 09.09.2014
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  • MSc2 student projects Reflectego & RoboZoo featured at METABODY annual meeting in Madrid, 07-2014

    Inter-performing environments (Hyperbody MSc2 design studio):
    Tutor team: Ir. Kas Oosterhuis, Dr. Nimish Biloria, Dr. Henriette Bier, Jia Rey Chang, Dieter Vandoren

    1. The MSc 2 Design studio conducted at Hyperbody, TU Delft, Netherlands, operates on the premise that bodily motion and non-verbal communication can be understood as interfaces of emotional expression and cognition.
    2. The idea of creating a proactive behavior loop between the body, the physical and ambient space it operates within, as well as the tools and techniques offered by contemporary new media technologies became a central operational logic driving the studio.
    3. The behavioral engagement of the body, with ambient parameters such as sound, light, tactility etc. and the physicality of architectural space, to create an inter-activating spatial system, thus, progressively created new modes of communication and perception within the studio.
    4. The resultant embodied spatial instruments are developed as physical and digital prototypes, which evoke novel modes of interaction, movement and perception.
    5. Rather than developing a subject-object perspective of architectural and interior space, the projects engage with the active creation of subject-subject relations, wherein ambiguity and diffused affordances take centre stage, thus provoking pro-active engagement opportunities for the spatial structures and the userís alike.


    Reflectego aims to discuss the balance of physical and imagery components in our brainís construction of reality. The view and experience that we hold of space and our position in it consist of both actual objects and altered descriptions that we interpret to represent reality. By visually distorting the space in our surrounding and by unexpected repositioning of the self in relation to the environment through movement, awareness can be created of the proprioceptive determination and our self-perception in the twilight of the physical and virtual world.

    Our design derives from a kaleidoscopic composition of faceted mirrors. In a Kaleidoscope the constructed perceived image consists of actual physical objects and a multiplicity of reflections of this. Through small movements of the objects the constructed images change dramatically due to the amplification of change by visual multiplication of the movement. In our project the user will become the physical object inside a kaleidoscope in which he sees his image scattered and recomposed as a result of his behavior.

    The structure consists of a suspended faceted mirror-surface. It hovers and maneuvers above and as a reply to user behavior. The structure folds, flips and expands to create dynamic compositions of the real world objects by alternating angles of reflection. The user interacts with the structure as a piece of the puzzle whilst recomposing the total image.

    Reflectego wiki


    RoboZoo aims at establishing the artificial environment of the interactive swarm of robots. Synergetic integrity with such a substance is the subject of our interest. Investigation of models of behaviors plays a paramount role in the presented concept. The possibility of shaping the environment by artificial creatures bring about the potential for dynamic system and its adaptability to the outer and inner changes.

    Motion and visual expression of each independent robot evokes instantaneous response in the environment. People perceiving remodeled swarm of artificial creatures are forced to reestablish themselves in the space in real time. Borders are constituted mutually by robots and humans, as they are sending signals to respective sensors. Therefore they are both altering behaviors.

    Mutual communications between both people and robots actuate the ceaseless spatial reconfiguration. Robotic sensors are detecting every change in the ecosystem and trigger a constant loop of unexpected transformations. The balance between autonomy and control induces people to discover each independent principle. These essences trigger effortless processes of comprehension and immediate interaction.

    RoboZoo wiki