• Minor project ‘Linked’ shortlisted project for 3rd International Competition TRIMO URBAN CRASH

      • Author
      • By: Chris Kievid
      • Date
      • 09.03.2011
      • Keywords
      • Minor, Interactive Environments, Linked, Trimo Urban Crash, Competition.
  • The 'Interactive Environments' Minor project 'Linked' has been shortlisted in top 30 finalists by the ten-member expert jury for the 2011 Trimo Urban Crash competitionUntil March 23rd, registered users can vote their favorites. Cast your vote and make 'Linked' the winner of the public voting!

    Trimo Urban Crash
    Trimo Urban Crash - the 3rd International Bi-Annual Competition for Students of Architecture and Design has received a record number of entries with some 363 projects having been submitted from 56 countries around the world. The Trimo International Competition for students of architecture and design works to encourage  aspiring designers of urban space toward a bolder, more ambitious approach to and understanding of architecture; and to unite them in the ongoing search for the creative expression and transformation of the urban environment using cutting-edge materials and structural solutions. The competition ventures beyond the realm of theory by revealing the innovativeness, flexibility and effectiveness of Trimo products and solutions, by making a permanent execution of the best project in practice.

    An international jury of ten experts has has selected 30 shortlisted projects. Until March 23rd, the public will get the opportunity to vote on their favourite project via the web site, www.trimo-urbancrash.com


    Linked is a prototype of an interactive bench acting as a social interface targeted at young children, developed by a group of five students from Delft University of Technology (nicknamed Linked) as part of the minor Interactive Environments. The Interactive Environments Minor is a shared initiative by the faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design of the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). The Interactive Environments minor is a six months multidisciplinary course involving Hyperbody (A) and ID-StudioLab (ID). The minor is hosted by the Science Centre of the TU Delft in a dedicated laboratory space. http://www.interactive-environments.nl/

    The Linked project proposal explores the possibilities for dynamic, interactive installation in which people and furniture engage in a mutual relationship with one other. By connecting the data and experiences that develop though this relationship between furniture and its users, the site acts as an interactive, adaptive and animate entity. The Linked project proposal aims at bringing together experimental design, CNC prototyping technologies and human-computer interaction.


    iPlaygrounds. 'Linked' - Interactive Environments Minor, ID-Studiolab & Hyperbody, Fall Semester 2010, Delft University of Technology

    Aadjan van der Helm, Walter Aprile (ID-Studiolab)
    Chris Kievid, Owen Slootweg (Hyperbody)
    Jonas Treub, Paul Eeghen, Frank Boeree, Tommie Varekamp, Victor Luijk