• Scape, Minor Design Studio, Hyperbody & ID-StudioLab, Fall Semester 2009
      • Minor
      • Design and Prototyping Studio - Fall 2010
    • Code
    • BK7900
    • Course Title
    • Design and prototyping studio
    • Credit points
    • 15
    • Coordinator
    • Chris Kievid - BK
    • Tutors
    • Chris Kievid, Owen Slootweg, Aadjan van der Helm, Walter Aprile
  • Introduction Minor
    The Interactive Environments Minor is a shared initiative by the faculty of Architecture (Hyperbody) and Industrial Design (ID-StudioLab). The Interactive Environments Minor explores the possibilities for dynamic, interactive spaces in which people and buildings engage in a mutual relationship with one other. By connecting the data and experiences that develop though this relationship between buildings and their inhabitants, the built environment becomes an interactive, adaptive and animate entity. The course aims at bringing together experimental architecture, CNC prototyping technologies, human-computer interaction knowledge and the techniques of sketching with technology, to provide ambitious, multidisciplinary students with the conceptual and practical tools for mastering the newly emerging phenomenon: interactive environments.

    Course Contents

    In the Design Studio course students are encouraged to formulate challenging design visions. Those visions are subsequently realized and tested in form of robust, fully operational and full-scale prototype. The course will involve learning and application of:

    - Design strategies and methods
    - Project management and organization
    - 3D and 4D modeling, scaled and 1:1 prototyping
    - Presentation techniques and methods
    - Knowledge gained in technical studies and workshop and lectures courses

    Education Methods

    Atelier: 150 hours education period
    Self study: 300 hours education period