• Odyssey, Minor Design Studio, Hyperbody & ID-StudioLab, Fall Semester 2009
      • Minor
      • Interaction Design Strategies - Fall 2010
    • Code
    • IO3872
    • Course Title
    • Interaction Design Strategies
    • Credit points
    • 3
    • Coordinator
    • Aadjan van der Helm
    • Tutors
    • Walter Aprile, Aadjan van der Helm, Chris Kievid, Owen Slootweg
  • Course Contents
    The course, offered in the framework of the Interactive Architecture minor, focuses on the following topics:

    Participatory Design and user involvement techniques.
    Interaction Design Basics (senses, user interface principles)
    Design research
    Design before Design (scenarios, personas, prototypes/sketches

    Study Goals
    Knowledge of the basic theory of user interface design
    Knowledge of the basics of design research
    Ability to apply the tools presented in the course to a real brief.

    Education Method
    Frontal lessons, application to the initial brief from the main minor and to the specific sub-brief for this section of the minor.