• Building For Bouwkunde MSc1 Design Studio 2009 | Tutors: Ir. T.J.Jaskiewicz, Ir. C.K. Kievid | Student: Bao An Nguyen Phuoc
      • MSc1
      • Design Studio 1
    • Code
    • AR1AUE010
    • Course Title
    • Hyperbody Non-Standard Architecture
    • Credit points
    • 12 ECTS
  • This course is not offered every semester. The next class will be offered during the Fall 2015 semester.


    Projects on which students work in the DS1 are shared with the DS2 course. In this setup, DS1 students work as expert designers focusing on the issues related to user participation and design of complex, architectural interactions. DS2 students join the project in the 2nd quarter, develop and apply design expertise on digital fabrication and parametric modelling to the collaboratively developed projects.


    The project site offers ample opportunities for DS1 students to study interaction patterns among its regular as well as the spontaneous users while at the same time it allows for encouraging new interaction scenarios, enhancement of active participation and transformation of current spatial configuration. DS1 and DS2 students are grouped together in expert units called "atoms". Each atom identifies, researches and consequently answers to a different architectural, societal or cultural challenge. In this, every atom develops a unique, task-driven expertise. Throughout the duration of the course atoms cluster together forming projects - specific architectural interventions, to be tested, prototyped as full-scale components and deployed on location. In this setup students work in a manner similar to this found in architectural professional practice, and learn how to solve complex problems that they are bound to encounter as future architects.