• TouchSpace. Minor Interactive Environments, Hyperbody & ID-StudioLab, Fall Semester 2011 | Instructors: Ir. Chris Kievid, ir. Aadjan van der Helm, Dr. Walter Aprile
      • MSc1
      • Introduction
  • MSc1&2  |  1:1 Interaction & Fabrication Prototypes


    Hyperbody's MSc1 and MSc2 studios inspire its students to rethink conventional design processes in order to creatively challenge the interplay between contemporary culture and technology, and their relation to architecture. The studios operate at the scale of an architectural insert situated within urban context. The shared studio framework challenges the students to develop an architectural process that can keep up with the actual needs and desires of people in a rapidly changing world. Such a process can only be validated by participants in the project - users, stakeholders, experts and designers - actual people who judge the state of the design process against their actual needs.


    This semester, Hyperbody MSc1 and MSc2 embark on a collaborative project dealing with the design, fabrication, erection and operation of an architectural intervention situated in Delft, between the Faculty of Architecture and the Delft Science Centre (De Vries van Heyst plantsoen).


    Study goal of these semesters is introduction to the architectural application of emerging technologies as design instrumentarium. Open-mindedness, team performance, associative capability, a sense for form, flexibility and a pro-active attitude are seen as important and acquirable skills for the successful completion of these courses.


    MSc1  |  1:1 Interaction

    The focus of the MSc1 course is set on the notion of architectural adaptation and transformation, achieved through complex interactions among building components and people. In the MSc1 courses you will explore the notion of user participation in the architectural process, challenge the relation between digital media and architecture, and investigate means for creation of dynamic architecture, absorbing information, processing it and acting in response.