• CyberJungle. Media Studies 1, Hyperbody, 2009, Tutor: Dr. MarkDavid Hosale
      • MSc1
      • Media Studies 1
    • Code
    • AR1Aue070
    • Course Title
    • Media Studies 1: New Media
    • Credit points
    • 3 ECTS

    This course is not offered every semester. The next class will be offered during the Fall 2015 semester.


    This course takes an interdisciplinary perspective in examining media as carriers of multimodal information and it provides the basis for the exploration of the theory and praxis of Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture. This course offers two interdisciplinary tracks:


    Intermedialities in Media and Art

    Intermedialities are crossovers and interrelations between the arts and the media, but also within and between various media. In this session, students are asked to absorb knowledge and seek for inspiration from artists, art critics, computer scientists, psychologists, web epistemologist, social and behavioural scientists. We will investigate not only the effects of technology, social and institutional forces on media content and functions, but also the embodiment of human factors and cultural factors. Addressed topics range from Multimedia and Hypermedia to social media, from contemporary culture to cognitive psychology.


    Theories and practice of Non-standard and Interactive Architecture

    Topics such as Evolution & Adaptation, Systemic Complexity, Swarm Behaviour, Interactivity, Information architecture, and Process/Time, are going to be addressed by internationally renowned invited guests.