• Computational Chair Design Project | Jelle Feringa, EZCT Architecture & Design research
      • MSc2
      • Architectural Studies 2
    • Code
    • AR0855
    • Course Title
    • Architectural Studies 2
    • Credit points
    • 6 ECTS

    This course is not offered every semester. The next class will be offered during the Spring 2016 semester.


    This accompanying seminar is set up as a series of workshops in which design and technological dimensions of the MSc2 studio project will be subject to co-evolutionary development. With each workshop, the design project will be exposed to incentives emerging from state-of-the art technological developments, an exposure formulated as bi-directional validation and development of both design project and its technical dimension. The seminar challenges to explore what can be the best technical means, and how to apply means have to be applied, for the project to flourish as demanded by design intention.


    Course structure

    The seminar is set up as a series of workshops given by academic and professional experts in the subject matter.