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    • Prof.ir. Kas Oosterhuis
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    • V. Laszlo
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    • V. Laszlo AA tudelft DDD nl
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    • V. Laszlo
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    • v.laszlo AA tudelft DDD nl
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    • room D, (Bg.West.200) Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology
  • protoSPACE 3.0 is developed by Hyperbody at the Delft University of Technology as a revolutionary real-time collaborative design environment. Located in the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft, protoSPACE 3.0 is a unique, state of the art multi-purpose facility designed for the development of non-standard, virtual and interactive architecture. In this initial phase, protoSPACE 3.0 is built up of several components that facilitate one-to-one, file-to-factory production, ubiquitous sensing and immersive content presentation.


    In this initial phase, protoSPACE 3.0 consists of two main divisions that facilitate the research being carried out in the lab, the interactive experimentation lab and the CNC Division.


    The interactive experimentation lab refers to the ubiquitous sensing and immersive content presentation space within the first part of the lab. The interactive experimentation lab is dedicated to the development and exploration of tools and scenarios in interactive architecture. An evolving system, the interactive experimentation lab currently consists of a multi-channel immersive audio system, a multi-screen projection system, and a dynamic sensor space, which is intended to be modular in order to facilitate the various current and unanticipated future research projects being carried out in protoSPACE 3.0.


    Nestled in the back of protoSPACE 3.0, the CNC division is a laboratory for digital manufacturing. The activities of the CNC division are supported by a specialist in the field of computationally advanced techniques for design and manufacturing. Equipped with a laser cutter and a large CNC mill, the aim of the CNC division is to support design research activities with a special emphasis on experimentation in contemporary data-driven manufacturing methods and their integration into the design process.

    The combined functionality and activities of the interactive experimentation lab and the CNC division indicate the primary research agenda protoSPACE 3.0 is designed to facilitate. As a research facility dedicated to the development of non-standard, virtual, and interactive architecture, protoSPACE 3.0 facilitates the continuum between these domains via collaborative research design systems (protoBIM), the development of embodied interactive architectural components, file-to-factory design work flows, and non-standard geometries in architectural form. From scaled prototyping to one-to-one manufacturing of non-standard and interactive architecture, protoSPACE 3.0 is a platform for the development of innovative solutions for architectural design and production. protoSPACE 3.0 will be the vehicle for the Hyperbody education design and research courses, for both the Interactive Minor in collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Design and EWI, and the Hyperbody Master track [Design, Compute and Perform]. Structural cooperation is scheduled between protoSPACE 3.0 and the Delft Science Centre, to show the results to a larger public.