• Projects
      • protoCITY 2005+
    • year
    • 2005
    • Site
    • Nancy, France
    • Project team
    • Kas Oosterhuis, Dieter Vandoren, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Chris Kievid
  • Protocity 2005++, a multi-player interface for browsing projects

    Chris Kievid and Tomasz Jaskiewicz

    The , curated by Jean Louis Maubat, in Nancy, France was an exhibition of art and architecture that presented proposals of nine artists and twelve international architects on how they view the city up to the horizon of the year 3000. This exhibition was a journey into the future through a maze of models, photos, videos and interactive installations. As a complementary event to The Urban Spirit exhibition, it took a look at two kinds of modern urbanism: one created by the urban planners of the second half of the twentieth century, and the other the emerging automobile town of tomorrow generated by necessity and chance.

    Car Cityplayful interaction
    The play field itself was surrounded by three large flat-panel LCD displays. Each of them showed the title and an iconic image of the project whose particle was closest to the screen. Whenever interested in a particular project, visitors approached the screen and the selected particle became fixed in its location. In place of the title image, a short movie started to play describing the selected project in more detail. An act of collective play emerged wherein visitors manipulated the motion of the particles. Some of them were interested in learning more about a specific project; others wanted to browse through as many projects as possible, while some engaged themselves in the interaction with the swarm of particles for the pure fun of the act of play.

    [Figure 3]

    The presented installation is of significant importance. Apart from providing a showcase of projects it also shows that an exhibition can become much more than just a medium for conveying information and pre-programmed experiences to its visitors. In this case, the exhibition becomes not a medium, but a mediator itself. It interactively mediates between all shown projects and all visitors. It is in a state of constant change and evolution, and hopefully changes its visitors as well.