• Lecture Nimish Biloria at Design + Code Conference at the Ducth Design Week

      • Author
      • By: Chris Kievid
      • Date
      • 29.10.2010
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      • lecture, dutch design, biloria, design, code, eindhoven
  • Code, it evokes thought of die hard digital programming, elusive and strictly informative for those who get it. Code now has become a tool being used by a new generation of designers, artists, and architects eager to explore how software can enable innovative ways of generating form and translating ideas.

    The DESIGN + CODE conference focuses on the way designers are now reinterpreting the means of code. With three renowned guest speakers we see a world not only driven on code in the digital respect, but essentially explained by it on a much larger and more diverse scale: Visually stimulating and clarifying.

    Speakers Nimish Biloria, Lucas van der Velden and Golan Levin share their thoughts on code in design, code as design and what code and design can result in. DESIGN + CODE, both a question and a starting point for what can be when like minds look ahead. The DESIGN + CODE conference offers a glimpse of a possible future look of understanding design, or perhaps a new design altogether.

    Presentation Nimish Biloria
    Presentation Lucas van der Velden
    short break
    Presentation Golan Levin

    friday OCTOBER 29 14.00h

    Lecture by Dr. Nimish Biloria
    InfoMatters investigates the inter-relation of Media and Architecture. The presentation exemplifies upon computationally intensive research driven design investigation aimed at spatializing the relationship between digital information and physical matter. Focusing on the development of architectural scale urban inserts, the research work illustrates swarm modeling, parametric design and multi-agent system based design methodologies for understanding and mapping the urban context as a dynamic condition in time emerging from the relational logics between extrinsic and intrinsic contextual parameters.

    Nimish Biloria seeks a synergistic merger of the fields of computation, material systems, sensing technologies, environmental dynamics and social demographics. He is an architect and Assisatant Professor at Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands. He continues experimenting with the idea of formulating intelligence aided relational networks for the generation of performative morphologies.