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    • Head
    • Henriette Bier
    • Manager
    • Sina Mostafavi
    • Team
    • Ana Anton
      Serban Bodea
      Veronika Laszlo
    • protoFAB email
    • hyperbody.protofab AA gmail DDD com
    • Location
    • room D, (Bg.West.200) Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology
  • protoFAB is hyperBODY's CNC fabrication laboratory located adjacently to protoSPACE (Zaal D / BG.West.200). Initially equipped with a laser cutter (cutting range 850x450mm, materials up to 10mm thick), a milling machine (cutting range 2600x1500x300mm), and 6-axis ABB robots, protoFAB has been more recently equipped with a 6-axis KUKA robot.

    Robotic design to production workshops held in protoFAB are aimed at integrating different modes and methods of robotic fabrication into computational design processes in order to explore porosity and multi-materiality in architectural building systems. The first workshop, Scalable Porosity (2014), focused on developing design to production methods for introducing porosities at different layers and scales, ranging from micro levels, as material systems, to macro levels as spatial, structural and architectural configurations (http://m4h.hyperbody.nl/index.php/Msc3G4:Group). The aim was to develop material patterns that by additive layering will generate variable porosities. In principle, these patterns may address a range of scales, where voids may vary in ranges of, to the building scale, where voids may vary in ranges of meter, indicating inhabitable spaces. Due to production process constraints within this exercise, the focus was on the porosity ranges millimetre to centimetre achieved by means of robotic multi-material deposition.

    Additional workshops are scheduled to take place starting 2015.