• InteractiveWall, Hyperbody, 2009, copyright Festo AG & Co. KG, photos Walter Fogel
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    • Hyperbody (TU Delft / The Netherlands)
  • Hyperbody (TU Delft / The Netherlands)

    Director: Kas Oosterhuis
    Research and Education Coordinator / Project leader Robotic Building: Dr. -Ing. Henriette Bier
    Research and Education Coordinator / Project leader InfoMatter: Dr. Nimish Biloria

    Directed by Prof. ir. Kas Oosterhuis and managed by Dr.-Ing. Henriette Bier and Dr. Nimish Biloria, Hyperbody focuses on employing and advancing techniques and methods for designing, building, and operating Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture. Interactivity is embedded not only in the process of informed collaborative design, but also in the production and the operation of buildings. In this context, non-standard architecture is defined as an architecture, which departs from modernist, repetitive, mass-production principles in order to address complexity, variation, and mass-customization. Furthermore, interactivity in architecture is addressed at the level where building components and buildings become dynamic, acting and re-acting in response to environmental and user-specific needs.

    Hyperbody focuses not only on issues of interdisciplinary design implemented in digitally and electronically augmented spatial environments but also on prototype development for non-standard and interactive architecture. In addition to implementation and development of computer-based methodologies for design conceptualization, representation, and simulation, Hyperbody addresses issues of computer-aided design and manufacturing employing parametric design and building information modeling. In this context, real-time interactive environments are conceived as connectivities between buildings and building components via embedded sensor-actuator technologies. These enable emergent spatial behaviors through real-time data-exchange-based on multi-player game designs.



    Resources & Collaborations

    Hyperbody and the Science Centre Delft have initiated collaborative projects. Science Centre Delft is the institution that acts as an interface between the Delft University of Technology and the general public. Its mission is to open up and share cutting-edge science and research of TU Delft with people of all ages and all social backgrounds. In this framework Hyperbody researchers and students work directly at Science Centre Delft, where prototypes of interactive and non-standard architectures can be fabricated, assembled and tested, while at the same time they are exposed to the public. Visitors to Science Centre Delft can meet researchers and students at work, can involve themselves with testing of developed prototypes and can acquire understanding of this new kind of architectural environments.

    InteractiveWall with multi-sensory, real-time behaviours that are informed and controlled by embedded swarm intelligence responding to external stimuli.

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