• protoSPACE 4.0 MockUp 2010 | Owen Slootweg, Chris Kievid, Jelle Feringa
      • MSc2
      • Design Studio 2
    • Code
    • AR0850
    • Course Title
    • 1:1 Interactive Prototypes
    • Credit points
    • 12 ECTS


    This course is not offered every semester. The next class will be offered during the Spring 2016 semester.


    Projects on which students work in DS2 are shared with the DS1 course. In this setup DS2 students work as expert designers focusing on 1:1 fabrication and material realisation of a design. You will learn how to utilize parametric design, CNC fabrication, robotic building and BIM operation to the advantage of your design. In cooperation with experts from practice, you will get a hands-on experience of design and making as a sustained continuum.