• Hyperbody invites you to enrol in the MSc Program: Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture

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      • By: Henriette Bier
      • Date
      • 24.11.2011
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      • enrolment, education, master track
  • Hyperbody's MSc track in Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture (NS&IA) aims to implement innovative architecture with state-of-the-art material and information logistics. In this context, Non-standard Architecture is defined as an architecture that departs from modernist, repetitive, mass-production principles in order to address complexity, variation, and mass-customization. Furthermore, interactivity in architecture is addressed at the level where building components and buildings become dynamic, acting and re-acting in response to environmental and user-specific needs.

    Students without prior computing and software knowledge join Hyperbody design studios and workshops that introduce students at MSc 1&2 level to the basics of NS&IA, while at MSc 3&4 level they advance their expertise in parametric and scripting-based design for NS&IA, in order to join after graduation internationally known offices such as ONL, Forster & Partners, UN Studio, OMA, etc. Worldwide renowned guest lecturers and tutors including Hyperbody Alumni are invited to participate in the program for both theoretically inspiring lectures and practical workshops to be hosted in our design lab protoSPACE. Furthermore, Rapid Fabrication and Prototyping sessions are held in protoSPACE in order to enable students to build scaled models and 1:1 components of their projects.

    Students from all semesters (MSc 1-4) participate in generously provided vertical-studio activities, allowing for exchange of knowledge and experience between beginners and advanced student groups. Additionally, special shared activities are organized within collaborative inter faculties educational projects such as 'Interactive Environments' (Minor) organized together with IDStudioLab at IO and Man Machine Interaction Group at EECMS.


    9 reasons why to enrol yourself for Hyperbody Master tracks
    1. Develop a strong sense of meaning and purpose for your designs
    2. Explore diversity and complexity
    3. Profit from a fast track learning curve, you will get yourself acquainted with intriguing digital design tools
    4. Expand your design horizon from mass production to mass customization techniques
    5. Hyperbody alumni typically find their way into the world´s leading offices
    6. Redefine the very essence of architecture, redefine architectural meaning, production, behaviour
    7. Enhance static structures with dynamic behaviour
    8. Have more fun while digging deeper into the potential of parametric design
    9. Apply swarm theory to architecture: One to one, peer to peer, agent to agent

    Enrolment education

    The enrolment period for education of the spring semester of 2011-2012 will start this Monday November 28th 11.00 am until Friday December 9th 12.00 pm (midnight). In the Studyguide 2011-2012 you can find all the courses for next semester. Everyone who wants to follow courses has to enrol. Be sure to enrol on time, because there is no possibility to enrol after December 9th.

    The enrolment programme will be available from December 9th onwards on the BK Student Portal>Enrolment> Enrolment & Deregistration Education.

    If you have questions you can contact: intekenen-bk AA tudelft DDD nl