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    • Year
    • 2013 - 2018
    • Project Leader from Hyperbody
    • Dr. Nimish Biloria
    • Project Team from Hyperbody
    • Dr. Nimish Biloria, Ir. Kas Oosterhuis, Jia Rey Chang, Dieter Vandoeren, Veronika Laszlo
    • Collaborators
    • 1. Italy - Infomus -Universitá di Genova - A. Camurri
      2. Germany - Trans-Media-Akademie - Hellerau - T. Dumke
      3. UK - DAP_Lab - J. Birringer
      4. France - K-Danse - J-M. Matos
      5. Netherlands - STEIM - M. Baalman
      6. Portugal - Fabrica de Movimentos - A. Magno
      7. Germany - Palindrome - R. Wechsler
      8. Spain - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - E. Botella-Ordinas
      9. Spain - Kouros - P. Palacio, M. Romero
      10.Spain - Innovalia -C. Maza
    • Associated Partners
    • 1. Netherlands - Hyperbody - Delft University - K. Oosterhuis, N. Biloria
      2. Denmark - CAVI - Aarhus University - J. Fritsch
      3. Czech Republic - New technologies Research Centre - University of West Bohemia -J. Romportl
      4. France - IRCAM - A. Gerzso
      5. UK - Goldsmith's University - L. Parisi
      6. Germany - Leuphana Universität - Y. Foerster-Beuthan
      7. Spain - Medialab Prado - M. García
      8. Spain - Esmuc - Rubén López Cano
      9. Canada - SenseLab - Concordia University - E. Manning, B. Massumi
      10.USA - Duke University - K. Hayles - Literature Program
      11.USA - Duke University - T.F. DeFrantz - Corporeality Working Group
      12.USA - UC Berkeley - Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies - L. Wymore
      13.USA - UC Santa Cruz - E. Stephens - Art Department
      14.USA - NYIT - New York Institute of Technology - K. LaGrandeur
      15.Colombia - Facultad de Artes ASAB - A. Gómez
      16.Chile - INTERFACE - Arte, Cuerpo, Ciencia y Tecnología - Brisa MP
      17.Chile - FIDET - Festival Internacional de Escena y Transdiciplina - S. Valenzuela
      18.Chile - Moodlab - F. Ocampo
      19.Korea - Myongji University - R. Beuthan
    • Coordinator
    • Spain - Asociación Transdisciplinar REVERSO - Jaime del Val
    • Advisory Board
    • Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles, Allucquiére Rosanne (Sandy) Stone, Karen Barad, Stelarc, Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Luciana Parisi, Federica Frabetti, Liana Borghi, Harmony Bench, Claudia Giannetti, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Francesca Ferrando, Yunus Tuncel, Marlon Barrios Solano

    Metabody will be a laboratory and observatory of cultural diversity that will highlight the importance of non-verbal communication and embodied expressions as a primary substrate of naturecultures. The project will generate an understanding of the threats posed by the homogenising processes of globalisation and Information Society. Furthermore the project will produce new cultural, communicational and technological paradigms through interdisciplinary developments in new media and the arts, which foreground embodied expressions and interactions.

    The project will elaborate a critique of the tendencies of both homogenisation and preemption (adaptation to the new, assimilation of the new and programmed diversification) that information technologies operate in perceptions, affects, and subjective formations, where the irreducible and changing differences of embodied expressions and relations are reduced to linear patterns of simulation and standardised processes of media contagion, within a mechanisict tradition where movement is reduced to measurable coordinates.

    At the same time new concepts and pragmatics of space-time, relations, corporeality, cognition, perception and affection will be elaborated for new technological paradigms exceeding machanicism and computation, that will take into account movement as multiplicities of intracorporeal sensations and affections irreducible to localizable points and trajectories, to measurable coordinates of space-time or form-pattern.


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