• METABODY project
      • Projects
      • The Hyper-loop
    • Year
    • 2013 - 2018
    • Project Leader from Hyperbody
    • Dr. Nimish Biloria
    • Project Team from Hyperbody
    • Dr. Nimish Biloria, Ir. Kas Oosterhuis, Jia Rey Chang, Dieter Vandoeren, Veronika Laszlo
    • Collaborators
    • 1. Italy - Infomus -Universitá di Genova - A. Camurri
      2. Germany - Trans-Media-Akademie - Hellerau - T. Dumke
      3. UK - DAP_Lab - J. Birringer
      4. France - K-Danse - J-M. Matos
      5. Netherlands - STEIM - M. Baalman
      6. Portugal - Fabrica de Movimentos - A. Magno
      7. Germany - Palindrome - R. Wechsler
      8. Spain - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - E. Botella-Ordinas
      9. Spain - Kouros - P. Palacio, M. Romero
      10.Spain - Innovalia -C. Maza
    • Associated Partners
    • 1. Netherlands - Hyperbody - Delft University - K. Oosterhuis, N. Biloria
      2. Denmark - CAVI - Aarhus University - J. Fritsch
      3. Czech Republic - New technologies Research Centre - University of West Bohemia -J. Romportl
      4. France - IRCAM - A. Gerzso
      5. UK - Goldsmith's University - L. Parisi
      6. Germany - Leuphana Universität - Y. Foerster-Beuthan
      7. Spain - Medialab Prado - M. García
      8. Spain - Esmuc - Rubén López Cano
      9. Canada - SenseLab - Concordia University - E. Manning, B. Massumi
      10.USA - Duke University - K. Hayles - Literature Program
      11.USA - Duke University - T.F. DeFrantz - Corporeality Working Group
      12.USA - UC Berkeley - Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies - L. Wymore
      13.USA - UC Santa Cruz - E. Stephens - Art Department
      14.USA - NYIT - New York Institute of Technology - K. LaGrandeur
      15.Colombia - Facultad de Artes ASAB - A. Gómez
      16.Chile - INTERFACE - Arte, Cuerpo, Ciencia y Tecnología - Brisa MP
      17.Chile - FIDET - Festival Internacional de Escena y Transdiciplina - S. Valenzuela
      18.Chile - Moodlab - F. Ocampo
      19.Korea - Myongji University - R. Beuthan
    • Coordinator
    • Spain - Asociación Transdisciplinar REVERSO - Jaime del Val
    • Advisory Board
    • Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles, Allucquiére Rosanne (Sandy) Stone, Karen Barad, Stelarc, Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Luciana Parisi, Federica Frabetti, Liana Borghi, Harmony Bench, Claudia Giannetti, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Francesca Ferrando, Yunus Tuncel, Marlon Barrios Solano


    The Hyper-loop is a large scale real-time interactive structure, which is in a constant state of flux.

    For the coming phase Hyperbody will collaborate with the Delft Robotics Institute in order to develop a fully operational prototype, which shall be showcased in Madrid.

    The large-scale structure, is composed of distributed joints with various degrees of freedom, the structure, geometrically takes the form of a loop, which can fully re-configure its constituting components in real-time.

    Each joint shall act as an independent agent in its own right and shall host micro-controllers, attached to motors/servos in addition to sensing systems (which can track the proximity of people) and local sound and light emitting sources.

    This make-up per joint is aimed at generating a fully kinetic and sonic real-time interaction with people approaching or leaving the structure as well as moving within the structure itself. The entire loop will thus be a fully dynamic structure akin to an exploratory robot, which harnesses different capacities of movement, sound and light as an active medium of communication with its visitors.

    Each joint thus has to operate as an intelligent node in itself and communicate its current state (position, amount of torque generated etc.) in real-time to its immediate neighbours. An entire system of distributed computing shall thus be developed within the project.

    Movement qualities of the Hyper-loop (smooth, jerky, informed combination of these etc.) shall be evolved during the project as a part and parcel of developing the behaviour of the structure. The entire project shall thus involve:

    1. Simulation and control system development
    2. Mechanics and building physics
    3. Development of the Node/Agent make-up itself (sensing and actuation abilities)
    4. Custom making the electronics hardware and coding these in a robust manner
    5. Development of a scaled real-time interactive working prototype (to be exhibited in Madrid)
    6. Behavioural enrichment via inculcating EyesWeb modules in order to understand movement scenarios of the loop (work to be done in Madrid together with the consortium)
    7. Articulating interactive skin systems with differential behavioural attributes (at least 3 scenarios with integrated inter-communication)
    8. Networking the skins with node clusters in order to establish feedback between the skin and the structure (skins communicating with immediate neighbouring anchor nodes)
    9. Producing three 1:1 scale fully operational prototypes of the skin systems operating within a mock-up of the loop (to be presented in Madrid)

    The project is truly inter-disciplinary in nature and shall thus involve direct feedback from different disciplines apart from Electronics, Systems and Control and Architectural Design.

    The project output shall be heavily publicized and the Delft Robotics institute shall also directly provide funding for building the scaled prototype.

    Besides this, active involvement from different consortium members shall be sought during the development process.

    Kindly keep an eye out on the page to see future developments as they unfold.

    Hyper-loop Analogue Model

    Hyper-loop Joint

    Hyper-loop Rhino Simulation

    Hyper-loop VREP Simulation